Strategy What We Do
The TDDTF focuses on four major and interconnected areas of emphasis in carrying out our mission:

Law Enforcement – The primary purpose of the TDDTF is to assist law enforcement officers in the investigation, identification, and elimination of clandestine drug labs of all kinds, including but not limited to methamphetamine. We also support the efforts of drug investigators to identify, arrest, and prosecute those who manufacture and distribute illicit drugs in Tennessee. This mission includes providing assistance in gathering evidence at a lab site, and the safe and proper disposition of a lab. 

Training – The Task Force funds and conducts a variety of training courses for law enforcement throughout the state. This training includes Basic Clan Lab Safety and Site Safety certification courses, as well as Drug Diversion, Authorized Central Storage, and Tactical Clan Lab entry training. This training, and other customized training designed is available for throughout Tennessee. The Task Force buys and distributes to each class member attending the Basic Clan Lab Safety Course all of the equipment needed to process a lab. The Task Force also funds the yearly recertification program for each officer.
Intelligence – The Task Force supports officers conducting drug investigations offenders by providing a single resource for meth related offenders, offenses, and other drug-related information. This online intelligence tool named the DI3, also provides streamlined access to other intelligence systems using Single Sign On technology. It is available to all law enforcement officers at no cost to them or their departments.
Public Awareness – TDDTF staff travels throughout the state providing educational and awareness briefings, displays, and material to civic groups, schools, churches, and other organizations. One of our drug display trailers are commonly seen at these events.